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Our program is based on a donation system in btc to create a Matrix 2x2 with Automatic upgrades and automatic repurchases.



You register from the main portal of Automated Matrix or with a link that provides you a sponsorship of the Matrix.


You make the donation of 0.01 BTC to the portfolio that indicates the platform and thus you are active to receive donations.

How It Works?

Once you have completed these 3 steps and have referred your first two users, you are ready to continue with the program:

  1. Your 2 front referrals make a donation of 0.01 BTC each for a total of 0.02 BTC at Phase 1
  2. The System performs your automatic upgrade to Phase 2 by discounting 0.02 BTC
  3. You get tautomatic re entry to Phase 2 which are the profits of Your level 1
  4. At your Phase 2 you receive 4 donations of 0.02 BTC for a total of 0.08 BTC
  5. Complete your level 2 the system automatically re-buy 1 level 1 positions in your network and also rewards upline with 0.01 BTC
  6. You get to your purse your level 2 gains of 0.06 BTC
  7. You are still winning from your new positions and you are still Making repurchases infinitely and you win infinitely

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The user who just logged in, will see your advertisement first, before he or she can do anything else on the site he just logged in.

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Solo ads are standalone advertisements, meaning your message goes out alone to all our members without any others attached.

Web, Banner & Text Ads

For anyone looking at starting a new ad campaign, there’s a basic choice to make: do you want to run a website ad? Or a text ad? Or a banner ad?

Directory Listing

These are an effective mode of advertising for a website that is conveyed through Ads server.



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Phase Members Needed To Cycle Donation (BTC) Total (BTC) Profit on Cycle Out (BTC) Commission Per Referral New Position in Phase 1 Goes to Next Phase
1 2 0.01 0.02 0 0 0 0.02
2 4 0.02 0.08 0.06 0.01 1 0
Total 0.06 BTC (over & over again)

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